Video transcription

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I'm a freelance fashion writer, and the owner of AustinStyleWatch. com, a street fashion site, and today, we're going to talk about how to build a business casual wardrobe. Now, before we start, let's talk about what business casual is. Think of it as the kind of place between white collar dressy wear, and your street wear. It's the type of stuff you might wear to a company golf game, a company retreat, a little more relaxed company time or event, so the first thing we're going to want to talk about, is skirts. When you're having a skirt for a business, it needs to hit your knees. Anything higher than that, is really getting a little too racy, for the office. It's ok to have a slit in a skirt, because they aid in your ability to walk, and get up stairs. What's not ok, is a slit in the front, to show leg. What is ok, is a slit just up the back, that aids in movement, so showing leg, bad. Being able to move, good. The next thing we're going to talk about, is tank tops and shirts. With business casual, it is ok to wear sleeveless. A lot of times you're in an environment that's a little bit hotter, but what you do need to remember, is that to keep that sleeveless tasteful, which means you don't want to wear party wear. You're not going to be wearing the sparkly kind of shirt, you're going to be wearing to go out to a club.You're going to want to wear something that's a neutral color, and that's tasteful for work. You're also going to want to make sure that you're not showing a lot of cleavage. A shirt like this, is a good, appropriate shirt to wear. It's cotton. It's comfortable. It's cool. It's sleeveless, but it also isn't showing cleavage.It isn't showing midriff, so that's things you need to remember with shirts. It needs to be work appropriate, not sparkly and shiny. It needs to be covering your body, cleavage and belly, and you know it also still needs to keep it casual and comfortable,and finally for shoes. A lot of times with business casual, you're going to be out walking around, outside even, perhaps, so it's ok to wear sandals, and strappy kind of things. What you're not going to wear again, is the sparkly kind of stuff, you're going to go downtown in. That's not appropriate for business casual. It is ok to wear casual sandals, or even open toed shoes, but just remember, it's still business, so keep it business like. This has been Rachel, and this is how to build your business casual wardrobe.