Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jay French with and I'm going to teach you today how to draw Martin Luther King, Jr. Alright, to draw Martin Luther King of course we want to start with a head and let's do there's a kind of a classic shot of him speaking. Most of the time, when you draw Martin Luther King, you're going to draw with his open because he was after all a speaker. So, let's get our basic head in here and this is the like I say the most common shot of him. We're looking slightly up at him. He's on a podium. So, let's start with getting the hairline. First, just a little shakiness to your hand give a nice look to African hair, ear because hiss angle is slightly below the eye line. We're just going to this a quick over. He had very slope nose bridge and again we have the some classic African features but very distinctive eyes. He had a nice curve to add outside of his eye almost Siamese cat like which was his most recognizable figures that gave him his soulful look and rounded brow ridge sort of a prominent forehead. Hairline was high into the center of the forehead generally short hair. Let's get rid of our skeleton lines and fairly prominent brows at the center which faded out and of course we have him speaking. He also had a distinctive mouth especially distinctive lower lip. It was sort of pointed on the actual low line of the mouth when he is speaking and fairly squared lower lip and very rounded chin low jaw line, subtle cheek bone and slope cheeks and of course we get, darkening this in so you can see what we're doing better, very pointed upper lip there and of course very distinctive mustache little bit of definition on the cheek bone and slight bit of jaws and slight amount of accent to the lower lens and that's your basic tutorial on how to start with drawing Martin Luther King Jr.