Video transcription

My name is James. I'm a computer hardware training coordinator for InterConnection. I've found when using a laptop its a lot easier to use that full size keyboard. You get, you type a lot faster. Less wear on the fancy little laptop keyboard. And just overall better experience. So I'm going to show you how to use an external keyboard on your laptop. To use an external keyboard on your laptop is very simple. You just take the USB plug, plug into any USB port and your computer is going to recognize it. And you can start typing away. A lot of laptops also have a connector that tends to be in the back for the PS2 keyboard. You can plug that in just the same as a USB and use those keyboards as well. When you use that PS2 keyboard on your laptop, make sure you power the computer off before you plug it in. That way when the computer turns on it recognizes it. It's not hot swappable like a USB is where you can just unplug it or plug it in any old time you want when the computer is on. My name is James. And I just showed you how to use an external keyboard on your laptop.