Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure to replace your engines timing belt, and water pump. In this step we're going to talk about the proper procedure for installing our motor mount bracket, our lower timing belt cover and the upper timing belt cover. O.k, this here is my lower timing belt cover, now we're going to take and slip it into position. This is the hole that your crankshaft sticks through, just like so, take and get her lined up. You may have to peek over the top, if you're not real familiar with the engine to get it to seat correctly. Then take and start one bolt, you're going to want to start all of your bolts, before you tighten any down, there's one there, and one there. Alright then, now once you've got them all started, you can go ahead and begin the tightening sequence. Now, on something like this where you don't really have any center located bolts, what you're going to do is make an x. You're going to start here, and then jump all the way across to this one up here, then drop down and do this one, and then shoot up diagonally over here. The x is the best thing you can do, since there are no center bolts for you to work. Alright, what I have is my quarter inch ratchet, little extension, and an eight millimeter socket, take and slip her on there, and snug them down. Now, on this particular vehicle, the inner and outer covers are both plastic. You're not going to want to use any kind of air power on plastic covers, being that you can strip them out, or actually crush them. That bolt will tighten down with enough force to actually crush that and bust the ear off, now that will make your cover rattle, and it will be possible for like a rock or something to get inside that area and damage your timing belt. Hop up to the top one, right there, now we're going to shoot up diagonally and do the last upper one, and that will complete our x pattern. O.k, what I have here is the upper half of the timing belt cover. Now a little inspection will save you a big headache in the long run. As you can see, something looks a little unusual, we have one bolt hold in the center, and one bolt hole on one side, there's no bolt hole over here. That doesn't mean there's nothing there that holds it on. You take and flip it over, you'll see that there's an actual lip here, so before you install your timing belt cover, pay attention, go ahead and take the extra second and look at it, cause this lip will give you a heck of a time trying to put it on if you don't know it's there. What we're going to do is keep that in mind, and go ahead and take and wiggle our timing belt cover into position. Now depending upon how you have your engine situated, you may need to jack it up, or let it down a little bit, depending upon where you have it positioned. Hook that lip on there, pull it tight and line up your bolt holes. Now before you tighten this one down, if it happens to be something that has a lip on it, what you're going to want to do is pull over to engage that lip, and then snug it down. There you go, and since we only have one more bolt to deal with, we're going to go right to that one. And, there you go, that is the proper procedure for installing your lower timing belt cover, your motor mount bracket, and your upper timing belt cover.