Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure to replace your engine's timing belt and water pump. In this step, we're going to talk about the proper method for prepping your engine surface for your new water pump gasket. We're also going to talk about prepping the water pump for your new gasket. What I have here sit on motor is our new water pump, right there. The gasket is actually this large oil ring and it sits right down inside here. Now the way it is, this gasket doesn't like to stay in place on its own very well. So what you're going to want to use is a cool lit compatible Permatex. And I got some gasket maker right here, just going to want to read the back and make sure that it's cool lit compatible. You're not going to run all the way around the whole track. You're just going to want to take and put, now, five or six dabs of Permatex in there to hold the gasket in while you manipulate the water pump in the position. There you go. And from here, you're just going to take and set your gasket down inside and press it in to position. You're going to want to set this aside and give it approximately fifteen minutes to cure, but it's set up, so it holds that gasket in place before you install it on the motor. What you're going to want to do in the meantime is clean up the engine side of it. And for that, I have this small razor blade. Located down here, where our old water pump was, right in this location. The old gasket as you can see, is stack on there. You can take and discard that and take our razor blade and run around the track where it was. And you're going to want to use your razor blade flat and scrape backwards with it. Never scrape this way, because you will, you can damage the aluminum or the metal that the engine block is made of. You're going to want to scrape this way with it. You're going to make sure to get all the way around real good. I don't recommend using any kind of grinders, or anything like that. You could take off too much metal in a real short amount of time with a grinder. You can use a wire brush if you have one. You can see all gill coming off there. When it comes to sealing a surface, surface preparation is the key. Alright. Once you have it scrape off pretty good, you can take a shop rug and wipe the surface off and give it a good visual inspection to make sure it's clean. Alright, as you can see here, this is pretty much the color you're looking for, right there. Now there will be some staining or discolorations in the metal, just do the heat and the chemicals in the cool lit. But you can see it's nice and smooth and flat. Once you get down to this kind of consistency, you're ready to re-install your water pump. That is the proper procedure for cleaning up your engine block and installing your gasket on your new water pump.