Video transcription

Hi. I'm Jason Mac Genuis and today we're going to talk about networking old computers so they can get internet access. Older computers are not going to have Firewire, USB or anything like that, but almost all Macs are going to have an Ethernet port. So, there's your answer. If you have your router you've got an Ethernet port in the back of that, you connect that to your Mac, you're done. If you have a PC you have to get an NIC card or a NIC card; which is networking interface card and you have to put that in; you basically have to open up your tower, if you have a tower. If you have a PC you shouldn't, but you do, if you do I'm OK with that. You're going to input your networking card, it's a PCI slot basically that you're going to use and that's going to allow you to have a jack for an Ethernet cable, because you already have your router, which you've chosen. You've already got your modem hooked up to your router to allow internet access, so all you need is Ethernet access. If you can get Ethernet on your old computer you've got internet access. I'm Jason and that's how you connect an older computer to get internet access. Thanks.