Video transcription

This is Nancy ET Johnson and I am a mathematics teacher and this is how to solve a division problem. A division problem normally is written in one of several different ways. For example, 36 divided by 4, or you can write it as 36 divided by 4. And often times you see this also as 36 divided by 4. So, in any case we are talking about 36 as the total amount and we want to divide it into groups so that there are 4 in each group. We want to know how many times we can get 4 out of 36. So, the answer to this problem is 9 in any of these formats. If I have 36 objects and the idea is to find out how many groups of 4 we can get. We are going to have 4 here, and here, and as you can see you will end up with 4 nine times. So, the first number tells you the total amount, you're dividing it into groups of a particular amount 4, and you get 9 of them. These are the basics of the concept of division and how to think about that. This is Nancy ET Johnson, mathematics teacher.