Video transcription

Hi, this is Liz Muller from Liz's Hair Design in Hollywood, Florida. In this step we're going to show how to care for curly, frizzy hair. Here is a perfect example of curly and frizzy. This would be my hair without any product, with nothing, I just finished washing it. It is all of my hair so you'll see that I have a ton of it, it gets really puffy and when it gets like this, what I actually do, is I tend to put different kinds of products that make it soft, that make it easy and manageable. I use a little bit of this Moroccan oil here and I use the hydrating curling cream by this company. They have a curling cream that you can use and Moroccan oil, again, is the company. We put it all over the hair and seeing my hair needs a little bit of it, I will just show you. I would place it all through my hair , putting it in there and just putting it through the ends of my hair and squeezing it in there to care and put some love into it because it's so dry, it needs it. I use a little gel too, if I have to, but we're just showing you how to care for it. This is Liz Muller and this is how to care for curly, frizzy hair.