Video transcription

Hi. I'm Jason, a former Mac Addict, and today I'm going to discuss with you how to clear your browser cache in Safari. This is what we're using today and this is on system 10 OS Tiger. So what we're going to do, we're going to start by launching Safari, or opening up Safari, and you actually don't have to have a window open for this. So I'm going to close this window. This option here, right under the Safari menu, is empty cache and when you click on it, it's going to ask you, "Are you sure you want to empty the cache?" What cache is is while you're surfing the Web, it kind of keeps track of the pages that you've been to and the sites that you've visited. And this, after time, can build up on your system and eventually after long-term use, can cause your system to slow down a little bit, so it's always a good idea to empty this every now and then. And so I'm going to go ahead and click empty and it's going to empty my cache. You'll also see, right above that, a reset Safari button and if we click on that, this kind of gives you options on different things to clear out of Safari. So if you didn't want to clear history but you wanted to empty the cache, you wanted to clear your downloads window, you can kind of see here there's different that we can do to check or uncheck. So, when you hit reset, it resets Safari with those options. So that is how you clear your browser cache in Safari on Mac OS 10. I'm Jason, former Mac Genius, and I will speak with you later.