Video transcription

My name is Shawn Connolly. I live in San Francisco, California, and I teach skateboarding to kids, eight to thirteen years old, and I'm a sponsored skateboarder. Now, what you're going to want to do, to take a proper push, is first, you're going to want to distinguish whether you're a regular, or a goofy footed skateboarder. A regular footed skateboarder, keeps their left foot planted on the skateboard, while they push with their right foot. Now, a goofy footed skateboarder, is exactly the opposite, and you keep your right foot planted on the board, while you push with your left foot. Now, I'm a regular footed skateboarder, so I keep my right foot, just about over the bolts. Maybe a little further back, when you want to take a good solid push. This way, you've got your balance centered over the board, in a good way. Now, there's another way to push, that I don't recommend, and it's called Mongo Pushing. I don't know how it got it's name, but Mongo Pushing, is when you keep the back foot on the board, and you push, and then put your front foot on. Now, you always want to push with your leading foot, staying on the board. This will make it so that you're able to roll, and to keep your balance, and be able to turn more properly. Now, if you push Mongo Foot, and your weight is near the back. If you hit anything, it throws your board off, and there's no way that you can go really fast, and be able to push Mongo footed. You want to keep your left foot on the board, and go and take your stride, with your right foot. Now, at this time, you're going to want to clench the muscles in your leg, that's staying on the board, and you want to lower yourself, so that you're able to put the whole flat distance of the bottom of your foot, on the ground, and be able to take a stride as you go, so when you're first starting out, these muscles that are in your legs aren't really developed, so it takes a little while before you start to get these muscles that you need, that really come in with skateboarding. Now, you'll notice after a while of skateboarding, sometimes one leg will become more developed than the other, because you're regular or goofy footed, but that's ok. That's pretty normal in skateboarding,but what you want to do, is start in a ninety degree angle, like this, and you're facing over the board, and your weight is centered directly above it, so you go from your knees, to your shoulders, to your feet, and all the way down, and then you want to stick your foot vertically, from nose to tail. Take your foot off. Take a good stride, bend your leg like I said, and hold your weight right here. Take a stride, and then follow through with your arm a little bit, to keep your balance, like this, and this is how you properly push on a skateboard. My name is Shawn Connolly, and I'm from San Francisco, California, and I teach skateboarding to eight to thirteen year olds, and I'm also sponsored.