Video transcription

On the basic level, all computers perform as a calculator. Hi, I'm Charles Stewart, Junior, and I'm going to show you how to use your computer's calculator, or where you can find it. Um, like I was saying, pretty much the basic function that any computer can do is be a calculator. And, Windows comes with a calculator, and it's a pretty good one. You can of course, buy software that gives you more advanced features and stuff like that, but, the calculator that comes with Windows gives you a standard and scientific version of it. So, to find it, you simply go click on start, go to all programs, and look at accessories. And then, from there you can find calculator, and just click on it. And, right now I've got it set up on standard view. But then you can switch to scientific by clicking the view tab and going to scientific. And then it gives you, you know, a more advanced calculator for you to use on, you know, whatever thing you're going to be working on. A little thing I like to do is, I like to copy it, put a shortcut in it...of it, down in my task bar, so that way I can just push that button, and it's always there when I need it. And you'll be surprised, you'll always need to seem how, or seems like you always need to get to your calculator. And, that's pretty much it for finding a calculator on your Windows computer.