Video transcription

Hi, I'm Charles Stewart, Jr. and I'm going to show you how to use your computer's scanner efficiently. If you're scanning a lot of photos, usually when you buy a scanner you're going to have a lot of photos you want to import to your computer. The best way to go about it is to scan as many pictures at once, so you're not, you know, having to scan or work more just for one picture. So for the sake of this demonstration, I'm just going to use three photos and then you can just, you know, lay them on the scanner 'cause for the size of the scanner I have, it should fit three photos fairly efficiently. So I put those in there, line them up and close it and then you just come over to your computer and then, you know, I'm using Adobe Photoshop, so now I've got that open and I've gone to my scanner preferences, and that, you know, each scanner is different depending on what program you're using. Now as you can see, the scanner is finished scanning my pictures. And I've got one big file with all three pictures in it. From here, I could save my file and go to file and save as, and again, it can be whatever for, you know, whatever program you're using, I like to save in tiff because it's the best format to keep the original file in or if you work in a Photoshop, you can save it in a Photoshop file format. Once you save that, you can pretty much go in and just, you know, crop out the picture you want to work in and then you just hit crop, select and then now you have that computer or that picture to work from and then you can mess with it and do what you like and save it and then when you want to go back to the other one, just, you know, basically undo, and then you've got them all there again. So then now, if I just want to go to this one I work on it, I can crop it and hit that and now it's just that. And that's a good method to use when you're scanning multiple pictures and then just, you know, cropping out the pictures that you want to work on. It saves you from making a lot of scans in your scanner and just speeds up your work flow and that's really what you want to do when you're trying to use your scanner efficiently.