Video transcription

If you have owned a computer for a while you may have noticed it slow down significantly since you first purchased it. Hi I'm Charles Stewart, Jr. and I'm going to tell you how to speed up a slow computer. One of the main things that causes a computer to slow down is your hard drive filling up and a lot of people don't realize that. You want to definitely get rid of as much stuff that you are not using any more on your hard drive and a good way to do that would be to go in and delete the cookies from your Internet Explorer because people don't realize that cookies are little files that are created when you go to visit a website so that they can keep your preset or your preferences there so you don't have to keep filling out information or so they know what town you're from for like weather or something. So you can do that by going to google or going to your Internet Explorer and opening your page, go to tools, internet options and then you can just select delete cookies and that will clean it up from there. Also you can hit start and then go to all programs, accessories, and run disc clean up and that will let you clean up a lot of stuff you are not using any more. Also then go in and clean up some programs that you are not using any more and just clean up that hard drive as you can, empty the trash if you haven't done that in a while because your computer's operating system runs off that drive so the more it fills up especially the bigger the drive the more time it is going to take for it to find the files that it needs to run that program faster. So you will definitely notice as you start to clean out the drive it should get a little bit faster especially if you are almost full, you will definitely notice it slowing down there. Another thing would be to add RAM's to your computer. A lot of people don't realize that RAM plays a significant role in the speed of your computer and if you bought a computer three years ago the RAM might have been good for the programs that were running at that time but as programs evolve they become more hardware and RAM intensive so a computer that was built three years ago may not have the sufficient RAM to run things as efficiently as it used to so definitely go out and find out what model computer you are and what kind of RAM it has. Try to upgrade your RAM because you will notice a significant speed boost in just doing that and definitely don't skimp out on RAM when you are buying a computer. Another thing would be to maybe buy an external hard drive or another internal hard drive to keep all your music and personal files on that so you are keeping as much stuff off the actual operating system hard drive so it can run as efficiently as possible and that way all your stuff is on another drive which also saves you in case your computer crashes and you have back up of all that stuff. That's it for how to make a slow computer faster.