Video transcription

Realizing you've deleted a file by accident can be a scary thing. Hey, I'm Charles Stewart Jr., and I'm going to show you how to retrieve a file that you deleted by accident, or just deleted period. First, it all depends, if you've emptied your recycle bin, chances are you're not going to be able to get it, unless you get a special program that specifically goes to the hard drive, and finds the fragments thats been deleted. Because once it's deleted, the computer is going to start writing over that stuff. But for the most part, if you haven't emptied your recycle bin, it's not a big deal. So what you do is, if you deleted the file, you find your recycle bin, or your trash bin, and you click on it. And then pretty much, any file in there, you'll see, and hopefully you can find the file you were looking for. In this instance, lets say I wanted to put my Safari shortcut back on my desktop, I can right click on it, and then just hit restore. And then I'll look, and it put it back out on top of my desktop. And that's it, it's pretty simple. That's the way to restore a file that you deleted off of your computer.