Video transcription

Hi I'm Charles Stewart Jr., and I'm going to show you how to copy a file from one hard drive to the other on a Mac. Macs are pretty cool 'cause each drive is listed as an icon on your desktop. So it makes it a little easier to find the drives. So the file I want is on my these are my two external drives. I'm going to open up my first external drive, and I'm going to find my file which is this one. And then I'm going to open up my other external drive where I want it to go, and I'm going to put it right there. And then I can literally left click and hold it and just drag it over to the other file. And then it copied it right over. So as you can see it's on both drives. It copies it automatically on Macs. Or if you want to you can just do Apple C do Apple C and then Apple V and then you know it's trying to replace it. But that can that's also another way of going about how to copy a file over to another drive. And as you can see it's real simple. And that's it for copying a drive on a Mac from one drive to the next.