Video transcription

With all the different music players and compatibility issues people run into nowadays, I'm going to show you how to take an MP3 and transfer it to a WAV file. Hi, I'm Charles Stewart Jr, and let's get started. For the sake of this I'm going to use iTunes since iTunes and iPods are pretty much dominating the market right now. iTunes is great 'cause it's free, and it does a lot of the work for you so it makes it real simple. I've loaded in my music track which is an MP3, and you want to tell iTunes how to transfer, you know what you want to transcode it for you. So you go to edit on the Windows, it'll be a little different on a Mac, and you go to preferences. And when you get preferences up you want to go to the advanced tab, and then now you're going to choose, it's import and then you choose the importing tab. And then you want to choose which, you know, format you want to transcode into. So obviously we want to transcode into a WAV, so we choose the WAV encoder and then we hit okay. All right now I'm going to my highlight my file, and I'm going to right click on it, and then I'm going to down to convert selection to WAV. Now see by doing that, I've told iTunes that this is the default action, so if I were to leave it to something else, that would say convert selection to whatever else I chose. So, we want it to be a WAV, and then we click on it. And then up in the menu bar, it'll automatically start to play, but also it'll tell you what's going on with the encoding. Okay once it's done it'll create a file for you, and you highlight it, right click, and then hit get info, and it should tell you now what kind of file it is. It shows we've created a WAV file, and that's the size, thirty-nine megabytes. And, that's how to convert an MPEG-three file into a WAV file.