Video transcription

In the world of compatibility learning how to create a PDF file is very important. Hi, I'm Charles Stewart Jr. And I'm going to show you how to create a PDf file from a Word document. For my, for demonstration purposes I have an Which is the same thing as a Microsoft Word. Except it's an open source, free version. And because I don't have Microsoft Word on my thing. Pretty much the same thing, a Microsoft Word should do the exact same thing. There's two ways to do it. Right on the top bar there is 'export directly as PDf.' It's a simple button and you push it. And it'll you know, start doing it right for you. Or you can go to file and go to 'export as PDf'. Once you do that, you know, it lets you you know, choose which options you would like to have. Like, how much compression. If it's going to be a JPEG and so forth. And then you know, that everything looks good to you. You just hit export. And then, what you choose where you want it to go. For our sakes, we'll have it go to the desktop. And we hit save. And then, now we have our 60 you know, the file that I had right here. And when we open it up, it's exactly the same thing. Now PDF, you can't edit them. You know, once you've created PDF. Unless you're using Adobe Acrobat, to actually edit it. But you know, you have your PDF file. And that's how to convert a Word document into a PDF file.