Video transcription

Hi, this is Phillip Toriello, and this is how to swim the butterfly stroke. Power, fluidity ,and rhythm make butterfly one of the most admired and most respected strokes in the pool. To start, we're going to go ahead and break down the butterfly into two components, the kick and then the stroke with the arms. To start with, with your legs you're going to go ahead and put them together making a giant fishtail approximately like this, these being your feet, you're going to go ahead and cause a wave like motion or a kick from your hips down to your knees down through your feet. Otherwise known as the Dolphin kick. The next part is the pool, the pool is going to be comprised of three primary components. It's going to be starting off with your arms, shoulder with the part out in front or up at the top, your pull which is down to approximately your waist, your push, all the way down to your hips, arm and thigh, and then you'll recovery over the top of the water, and again, your recovery is going to come up to the top point which will be shoulders with a part to keep your arms in line with your shoulders. Putting these two together can be difficult and takes a little bit of time unless you're familiar with the two kick cycle. Basically, what's going to happen, is you're going to go ahead and push off the wall starting with your dolphin kick through the water, whenever, you're ready to breath, go ahead and do a giant pull push lifting your head taking that breath, and as you're pulling and pushing, you're going to do a giant kick to help get you up out of the water, then as you get that breath and you're in recovery, you're going to kick back down into the water and into your glide for about one or two seconds. So, to learn more about butterfly please contact your local swimming expert.