Video transcription

This is Nigel Gregory with Blue Griffin Handyman and we are going to show you how to paint a straight line. Now when working with paint if it's not low VOC or no VOC type paint you want to remember to wear safety precautions and wear your face mask to protect you from the fumes in the paint during and after you are done painting until it is completely dry. Now there are several ways to get a straight line. They have got these neat brushes out there that have rollers on them and so you just press these rollers up against the molding that you are working with or a board that you attach to the wall and you just paint along like so. Remove the board and then you have a straight line here. Another way you can do it is if you just have some tape and a brush, this tape here is low stick and it won't pull the paint that is existing on the wall off so you take a strip of it and pull it fairly tight and put it on the wall or the board or surface that you're going to paint. Make sure that it is down on the surface really good and it sticks well and then take your brush and paint right down the middle of it or so so that you get a nice line, a nice good amount of paint, a good coating on there. You may have to go over it two or three times but then what you want to do is allow that to dry just a little bit because sometimes the paint can bead at the edge of the tape but for demonstration purposes I am going to go ahead and pull it up and see if we can get a good straight line off of this and notice how you have a good straight line with the paint there. Those are just a couple of ways of getting a good straight line with paint.