Video transcription

Hi my name is Sue Conrad and I'm going to show you how to build stronger hip muscles. You want to lie on your side of your mat. Now one option to intensify this exercise, you can always add ankle weights. But for the beginner I would start without the ankle weights and just with your own body weight. You bend your supportive knee ninety degrees, extend the other leg on top. Flex the foot forward, you are going to raise and hold for about three seconds and then bring it down. Make sure that your hips on it's side on the mat that your body is nice and balanced. You are going to raise for three seconds and then bring it back down. Now you can do twenty to thirty reps with this exercise. And you are going to go ahead and switch sides. Bottom leg again should be ninety degrees. Upper leg extended, toes pointed forward, hips forward. Ok we are going to go ahead and lift, hold for three seconds, then we are going to lower. Try and keep those shoulders relaxed, hips on the angle and raise. Hold for three and lower. Let's try that one more time. Keep that foot flexed, hips in alignment and lower. And You'll do twenty to thirty reps on this side as well. Again this exercise is going to help strengthen your hip muscles.