Video transcription

Let's talk about treating a cat with matted fur. Long haired cats very easily mat their fur, especially around the rear legs, under the tail, on the belly. A lot of these cats cannot get to their hair fully, and groom themselves, and prevent mats, and so you may have to help your long haired cat prevent or treat those mats, as in getting rid of them. Prevention is the key, so work with a groomer, or your veterinary clinic, to keep these cats trimmed and brushed out. They can help you with that. Some cats with mats actually have to be sedated, because it hurts, and you never want to attempt getting mats out, with scissors at home. That always turns into problems, because mats are very close to the skin. Their skin is very thin, and cutting that skin is very, very easily done, and so there are some commercial products such as mat strippers, that you can use to grab these mats, and gently pull them out. That usually doesn't damage the skin, so talk to your veterinary clinic or your groomer about that. These can work quite well.