Video transcription

Let's talk about how to tell if your cat is pregnant. Cats as they are pregnant, start developing a large abdomen, and also enlarged mammary tissue. They have several mammary glands on their abdomen, on both sides, as a chain on both sides of their ventral abdomen that run longitudinally, and so within about two to three weeks of delivering their kittens. That type of tissue is going to enlarge, engorge with blood and milk, and you'll notice that that tissue is getting much, much larger. Also, the abdomen will obviously become larger. A lot of these cats are going to start gaining weight. They're going to be eating more, because they're now eating for their kittens as well, and so the best bet for pregnancy is prevention, with spaying them obviously, but if your cat does become pregnant, and you're concerned with that, talk to your veterinary clinic about it.