Video transcription

Diaper bags are a must, and they become your best friend after baby arrives. I'm Joie with Baby Earth, and we're going to talk about picking out a diaper bag. Now I would say, try two different kinds. One that is a little bit bigger like this one, and it can carry a whole bunch of stuff. Because, depending on where you're going with baby, if you're going to daycare, if you're going over to a friends house, or if you're just taking a walk through the park, you're going to want options, and you're going to need to think about what's going into the bag before you buy it. So a bigger bag carries more diapers, more bottles. One of the biggest things in the diaper bag is, you want to be able to know where things are. So you're going to have baby crying over here, you're going to have your diaper bag on your shoulder, like this, you don't want to be digging around in there, you want to open it up, and know where everything is and be able to see in here. So this bag is great, it has a lot of compartments. A big thing that I like to, is a place for the bottle, something that's insulated to keep it warm or cold longer for wherever you're going. This bag, (a lot of these have it) this bag has a little wallet, so mommy's things can go right in here and stay separate from baby's things, that's nice. But you're kind of moving around with this, and it gets in the way, so there's another option. This one might be better for short walks, or little trips with baby. This just kind of goes on like a backpack. You got your hands free, you can deal with baby, it's got all these pockets for your personal items, little change purse, things here. And then in the back, it has everything you need for baby. It has the bottle, and here you open it up, one of these things is a huge must, it's a little changing pad; I definitely recommend finding a diaper bag with this, because you never know when you're going to have to change baby on the go, there you go. The last thing that I think is really important, is the style, and the price. Diaper bags run anywhere from 20 dollars, upwards of 100, 200 dollars. So think about how much you want to spend, how important it is to you, and how fashionable it is. This bag here, is one of the most fashionable diaper bags out there. It's really cute and hip, it goes on like a messenger bag, and it also turns into a backpack. So just think about where you're going to go, and what you're going to do, and what's most convenient for you. One more thing, there are some great bags out there for men as well. So I recommend getting a diaper bag for mom and a diaper bag for dad. There's some great bags for men that look like laptop bags or messenger bags, you can't tell that they're a diaper bag. That's it for diaper bags. I'm Joie with Baby Earth.