Video transcription

Hi I'm Bob Matthews with Power One K body shaping program. You want to get ripped in four weeks. Well I'm going to assume one that you are already working out, you are already in shape and I'm going to tell you a couple of things that I would do if I had four weeks to lean out. And if you are somebody that is viewing this and maybe you are not so conditioned or you haven't been you know working out really hard to get your body fat to a certain percentage, you can still gain valuable information because here's the problem. To get lean is really not that difficult, what's the difficulty is in the boredom of your food choices and what you have to do every single day to create your body to actually start making changes and lean out by losing body fat. But the same principles could be true if you don't care about the legacies of all these meal plans you could also adopt what I'm about to say and you will loose a lot of weight. You won't get ripped in four weeks I mean my gosh you might be a year out from just being in good shape but still this can work for you too. But now going back to the person that's trying to do a difference in their body the way it appears in four weeks is aggressive. But you can do it. What I recommend is you have chicken, turkey and fish. Now I rotate them around. I have chicken one day, and guess what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chicken. And I don't even call it breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just eat all day. Next day turkey. Next day after that fish and then back to the chicken. What do I put with that. Cucumbers, apples and celery. Now those are your alkalines so that you don't go too acidic because you are not getting a whole lot of carbs from other sources. Now a little bit of white rice, a little bit of sweet potato just when you are starting to feel like you're just feeling a little too low on the carbohydrates but that you have to kind of play with. You are going to have to make sure that you don't flatten out. You want to be ripped, you don't want to be skinny. So there's a big huge difference. You want to, if you go too low on carbs you don't get enough in there you are just going to look skinny. For somebody who's trying to lose weight, just another program maybe that's what you want fine. But somebody who's trying to look ripped in four weeks, be careful not to go too low on carbs. I don't think I even watch calories, I've never seen anybody get fat on chicken and apples so it's really boring to some extent but I don't think it is. Because I'll tell you why, when you start looking in the mirror everyday you start seeing the changes it's really, really cool. And it kind of inspires you to so call eat boring. So good luck on that, four weeks is aggressive but you can make a difference, especially in the summer, you want to look good out by the pool, do it. Alright and so now you got chicken, turkey, fish ok. Not a real creative selection, but you can be creative in the way you cook it, you can't fry it and you can't put it in a bunch of junk sauces and stuff but I use Mrs. Dash and they have a ton of different flavors and you can get Cajun, barbecue, lemon pepper, whatever. So that way and I broil mine, I prefer broiling and barbecuing but you are going to have to pick that for yourself, there's not many options past that. As far as the turkey goes, same scenario and tuna which is my fish of choice, I'll eat salmon and stuff like at night but during the day I eat tuna with safflower mayonnaise and I chop up my cucumbers and I chop of a little onion and I just eat it out of the bowl and that's how I do that so. You can get creative with your spices, you just can't get creative with your protein choices. So good luck.