Video transcription

Hi I'm Bob Mathews with Power 1 K Body Shaping Program and I want to change the way you think about fitness. I'm going to help you figure out how to lose five pounds in one week. It's simple. It doesn't even require exercise and I'm an exercise guy so I say that tongue in cheek but it doesn't require it. What we have later in our 25 feet of intestinal tract is foods that actually stick and bind to the edges over time. Foods that either one, weren't tolerable by our body or two, we just were slow to break down and they just grabbed hold. They say John Wayne when he died had 62 pounds of that stuff in him so had they scraped that out he would have been 62 pounds lighter. I am not sure that would have guaranteed any longer life but it may have. Now for you we all have that in there, all of us including me. So I recommend a detox. Now detoxes range anywhere from 10 days no maybe I've seen some as low as 3 days but typically around 10 days. Your biggest results are in the first 4 to 5 days but you have from 10 to 21 and some detoxes are 30. I think the 21 and 30's are crazy. I don't know who can stay with that program. I recommend a 10 day detox. I recommend it in two different ways, one you can go to my website and I do sell a 10 day detox that I think blows doors but they do have them around so ask around and see what makes sense for you. But you get on that and you'll lose five pounds easily. Guys I notice lose about 13 and women around 6 to 8 so the detox is the way to start. Why? You're getting rid of weight that you shouldn't have in there anyway and then hopefully that is going to promote you or encourage you to get into an exercise program which would be your next step so you'll get the 5 off. Good luck.