Video transcription

I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to kill crabgrass, that's a question that never seems to go away. Crabgrass is probably the most hideous off all weeds, showing up in our lawns each and every spring. The best way to get rid of it, is to make sure that you have a nice thick turf, a healthy soil, so it won't come up in the first place. Crabgrass is considered a grassy weed, and not a broad leaf weed, and therefore, it's got the same typical root structure as a grass. A weed control spray for broad leaf weeds will not recognize crabgrass, so it won't do anything with it. However, we also, at Showplace Lawns, believe in doing things organically and healthy, so we wouldn't want to spray them in the first place. The best thing to do in this account is to pull these weeds up, be sure you get the root. Second thing to do, is always be sure to use corn gluten meal as a weed pre-emergent in the fall and through the winter. Those two things together, with a healthy turf, and healthy soil, a thick turf and a healthy soil, will help keep the crabgrass at bay.