Video transcription

Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair and today I'm going to show you how to install a corner bead. What I've got here is a basic small little version of a corner of a new house or additional or a remodel of a basic corner of a wall after the dry wall has been installed. As you can see it is smooth on one side and it will have a gap on one side and this type of gap is impossible to float with a piece of paper tape or flex tape or mesh tape or any of that other stuff. It is just not recommended. What you want to use in this type of situation is what you call a corner bead. This is a little small section of corner bead, just a piece of aluminum and what it does is it actually fits over the corner on both sides so you can get you a nice straight corner. Now if you ever go look at one, you can go look at one of your walls in your house right now and you will probably wonder how did they get that corner so straight and so smooth. This is how they did it. This is how you get those nice straight smooth corners and they are real simple to install once you have your dry wall installed on your wall on your stud however or whatever your type of situation is. Once you have got it just like that you have got to make sure that it is nice and smooth, right here you don't want something overlapping right here that is actually going to push the dry wall out. You want it nice and flush. You want it nice and smooth. If it is sticking out a little bit you can actually use this little tool right here called a rasper and it is just like a big heavy duty file. What you can do is after you have got your, if there is a little spot sticking out you can just take your rasper right here and you can actually just kind of sand it down and grind it down to where it is smooth and it is kind of like flush with the other piece. Once you have got that done, installing the corner bead is just as simple as just running a couple of dry wall screws into the dry wall. You are actually going to apply your corner bead on here just like so. And after you have got it on your corner all you're going to do is take a basic dry wall screw just like you use to install your dry wall and there is numerous holes here where you can install it at and all you have got to do is just poke your screw through one of those holes, take your drill run the screw down in there, sink the screw in just a little bit. You don't want your screw sticking out too far because then that is just more mud you are going to have to put on it to actually cover it up and hide it. All this stuff will be hidden when the finished product is done and that is how you install corner beads.