Video transcription

Hey I'm Mike and I'm going to tell you how to hit a home run today. When batting, many times players will come across long times of success and long times of failure. During those times of success you may or may not be lucky enough to hit home runs. Whenever you hit a home run the ball is going to hit the bat in such a fashion that you are able to get good drive as well as lift and whenever you hit this ball the ball will be placed nine times out of ten on the sweet spot of the bat. The sweet spot of the bat is between the end and the handle. This is the spot where the ball jumps off the bat at it's greatest speeds. If you hit the ball off the end, the ball will flare off to the right side or left side depending on what bat it is you use and if you hit the ball off the handle you won't achieve the same amount of power that you would if you were to hit it off the end. To hit a home run whenever you hit, you want to make sure you have a good stance, you take a good load and you have a good solid path to the baseball. If you chop down too much you're going to hit more ground balls and if you lift up too much you'll hit too many fly balls. The key to hitting a home run is having good bat path and hitting the ball in the sweet spot. And this is how you hit a home run.