Video transcription

This is Financial Adviser Patrick Munro talking about advantages and disadvantages of Mortgage Financing. Well, buying a home is the biggest investment that an American can make. And of course, to be there of service to you is your financial institution, ready to call the mortgage. A mortgage can allow you to participate in property ownership, home ownership for as little as four to five percent down payment. So in other words, you control an asset, or worth usually hundreds of thousands of dollars for very little down payment. Nowadays, in the current credit crisis, individual banks were perhaps asking for more of a down payment as much as ten percent in many cases and a good credit rating to go with that. Mortgage also, mortgage payment are tax deductible so it's a great way to acquire good debt as oppose to bad debt which is credit card information. So the advantages of course are those two, the disadvantages of a mortgage is that it does carry debt, mortgages can be reset as interest rate go up, creating a potential casual problem for you down the road, so much so that you can in fact lose your home to foreclosure if your payments became too much to handle. So on balance, there are more advantages than disadvantages to a mortgage which allows you to pursue the American dream and that is property ownership. This is Patrick Munro, Financial Adviser.