Video transcription

I've got an entire series on how to create and use visual aids, during outstandingly good presentations, so I'm not going to talk about that in very much detail now, but I do want to say, in terms of interacting with your audience, visual aids are part and parcel, a good interaction, in outstandingly good presentations. A couple of things I want to say about using visual aids. They are not for your benefit. They do help keep you on track. They've helped me stay on track. They do work that way, but that's a bonus. The point of the visual aid, is it's an aid to the audience. Audience members remember better what you have to say to them, when they can see it, as well as hearing it, so remember that it's a visual aid to the audience, and use it that way. Also, remember that if the audience can't read it, because the font is too small. They can't stay awake for it, because you've dimmed the lights in the room. They can't see it, because it's behind somebody else's head. Then, it is not a visual aid.It is a visual hindrance. Again, the context of this, is audience interaction. Use visual aids to enhance your interaction, with the audience, so the audience can get the message, that you were there to deliver to them.