Video transcription

Now we're ready to join our sleeve to our right front. I like to use locking stitch markers when I do that and I like to line up every thing so that when I'm sewing I know that it's going to come out very equal. The stripes are very helpful because I can just link it stripe to stripe. I'm going to put them along the way evenly spaced so you can see I've got my stripes coming even. Keep going down to the bottom of the sleeve. This is where the sleeve will join, the underarm of the sleeve will join the right front. So, I'm going to take my tapestry needle and yarn and I'm going to into the bottom of the right front and I'm going to go into the bottom of the sleeve. This is using the mattress stitch. I'm going to leave a little bit of a tail that I can weave in a little later. That'll bring those two together. Then, what I want to do is go in where I came out. You can see this is my side edge. I want to come up to the right of that. I'm going to go over here where I came out. Then, when I pull them together you can see that it become invisible and I've got my lined up green and my lined up white.