Video transcription

Braiding your hair can be very easily done at home if you know what you are doing. So we're going to show you how you can braid your hair. My name is Sylvia Russell and today you're going to find out how to make the best braid for your new hairstyle. So remember make sure that you comb out all the tangles from the hair. You don't want any snarls and snags to get in your way when doing your braid. Use some palm aid or hairspray to smooth out the hair so that you get all the fly aways in and that nothing is sticking out. Now most important when braiding hair is you take three sections, one, two, and three. Very important when doing a braid. Now you can either put your braiding sections on top of each other or you can go underneath each other. Either way you'll come out with a beautiful braid. So let's begin. We're going to take section one, section two, and section three and I'm going to go over top, over top, over top. Now make sure that you drag that hand down on the hair so that you don't get any tangles because we don't want this braid to come out too bulky. We want it to be nice and smooth. So remember over top, grab the hair, over top, grab the hair, over top, grab hair, over top, grab hair and there you see your braid is beginning to form. Now when you have fly aways and such what you can do you can use hair sprays or an oil sheen to make sure that they stay in place. So let's go again, over top, over top, over top, over top, and as you get better you'll begin to speed up and make a long beautiful braid on your hair or one of your friend's hair. It is very easy to do. Remember you always want to start with three pieces of hair. A braid consists of three pieces of hair so we want to make sure and have this. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you can braid hair.