Video transcription

If your hair is wild and you don't know what to do, well this is an opportunity for you to learn how to put your hair in a ponytail. My name is Sylvia Russell. First thing is first. Have a brush handy, have some pomade and maybe some hair spray or a little shine spray. These things are going to help you create a nice, sleek ponytail. Make sure to comb all the hair back if you choose to have your ponytail in the back. Remember, a ponytail is anything you create, so you can either wear it on the side or straight back on the neck. Comb the hair straight back like so. Once you get all of the hair evenly distributed, go ahead and comb out the bottom so that it's not all frizzy and tangly. And if you need to, use a little shine to help control the frizz. Continue to brush until you get the desired texture of hair. Be sure and comb it out really, really good. Now, there are hair ties and hair bows, barrettes of all sorts that you can choose to do your ponytail. Make sure and gather all the hair back. You can either do it low or you can do it up high. Use your discretion when creating your own ponytail. Go ahead and gather the hair through, making sure that the tie is open, twist the tie one time, gather the hair and pull it through like so. And when you've done that, go ahead, gather your tie, twist it one last time for security, pull the hair through one more time. Now to make it really nice and secure, go ahead and squeeze it hard like so. And there you have a very nice ponytail. Now this is something that you can do at home, you can share this idea with your friends and your children. My name is Sylvia Russell, and this is how you create a ponytail.