Video transcription

Do away with those bad hair days. Fussing with your hair and don't know what to do? My name is Sylvia Russell and I'm going to show you how to do a ponytail. Ponytails are the hottest thing going this year. On the weekend if you need a quick fixer upper choose a ponytail for your hairstyle. First things first make sure and comb the hair all back making it very sleek. Use a palm aid or a hairspray to get all the fly aways out. Make sure and comb the hair up like so if you want to create a high ponytail. That's what we are creating today. Once you have all the hair up like so go ahead and brush the ends out so that they run smooth and that they leave a nice sleek look. Make sure and get your hair tie. Now your hair tie can be something of your choice. Bring the hair all back like so and remember a ponytail is what you make it. Grab the hair and grab your hair tie and simply pull the ponytail through the hair tie, twist the hair tie like so and go back and pull the hair through the pony again like so. Twist it one last time for a nice snug fit and pull that hair through the hair tie again. There you have created a beautiful pony tail. Now remember ponytails are something that you can have fun with. Be sure to check out how to make your ponytail. My name is Sylvia Russell and this is how you create a ponytail.