Video transcription

Hey, this is Jeff, the Two Wheeler Dealer. I'm going to show you how to adjust the angle of your handlebars. This is done with typically two five millimeter allen screws. Just going to loosen both of these equally. Should free up your handlebar to rotate. And what you're looking for as far as proper positioning is the sweep of the handlebar coming back at a comfortable angle towards you as well as the brake lever being at a comfortable angle in line with your arms, your wrists and your hands. You don't want them too low. You don't want them too far back. Otherwise you run the risk of jamming your wrists when you hit a bump. Basically you're looking to lay your hands right across the tops of them and have your fingers be in line straight with your arms. Go ahead and tighten those five millimeter bolts back down. You want to tighten them equally. Pay attention to the distance in the front of the clamp and the back. Make sure that you tighten them evenly. Now those are at the proper position. You're comfortable braking. That's how you properly adjust your handlebars.