Video transcription

Hi, this is Jeff at the Two Wheeler Dealer. Today I'm going to show you how to replace your bike chain. Start off by determining how many gears are on the rear of your bike. You'll either have probably seven, eight, nine, or ten. That will determine which chain you need. Go down to your local bike shop and just tell them how many gears you have and they should be able to give you the proper chain. From there, you open the chain. And you're going to start by fishing it through the rear derailer. And you want to do this over the two smallest cogs. The outer on the rear. And the inner one on the front. And start by feeding this through the derailer pulleys, over that small cog, through the front derailer, and on to that inner chain ring. And then to determine the proper length of the chain, you're going to want to cut it on the link. On the link that allows it to run smoothly under the rear derailer, right here, without hitting. So you don't want it like this running across underneath. Its got to be tensioned. This ones all ready cut to the proper length. And on this particular chain, it uses a master link. So there's no tools required. It's just two halves. And just put each half on either end. And it will just together. And then pull it tight. And then your chain is installed. That's how to install a bike chain to the proper length.