Video transcription

Hi, I'm Les Whitley. I'd like to show you a few things that you can do right now to tone your lower abdominal. The lower abdominals, the name in and of itself is kind of a misnomer. The abdominal wall is one big sheet of muscle. You have to attaching ends down by the hips and down by the upper area of the torso. It all works together in one big sheet of muscle. You can contract from the lower end to the upper end but as far as sectioning them out into specific muscle groups, it really doesn't work that way. You train them all as a whole. Your core in and of itself is trained as a whole too as you train your entire body but here are some exercises to hit that stubborn area in toning. One exercise is a lower leg raise. Simply stabilize your upper body on a bench or a box bringing your knees in toward your torso. Contrast by squeezing the lower section of your abdominals by tilting your pelvis up, raising the knees up under control and lowering down. If you're flat on the floor, hands can go back but try to stop your feet just before they touch the ground for maximum stimulation of the muscle. Another exercise is the alternating knee raise. Raising knees up one at a time, not only are you stabilizing by keeping your body from rotating but you're also moving that muscle in by keeping that contracting position by not allowing your feet to touch both at the same time at any given motion. Having nice toned lower abdominals is great but to minimize the overall impact of the body fat the covers over, you've got to incorporate a healthy diet as well to your overall active healthy lifestyle. Be patient, be consistent to achieve results.