Video transcription

In this segment we'll talk about preparing for oil paintings. Everybody is different, I for example don't like using a pallet. I don't like the way it feels in my hand and the way it presses against my elbow. So what I use is this. I use a white dish. And then I basically clean it. This is one that's been used over and over again and as you can see, the color that I use as a base is Naples yellow. So I put the Naples yellow on the bottom and sometimes I got different colors on top. You need your oil paints to go on the pallet of your choice and then you also need to use brushes of different sizes. In addition to that, you might use a dilutent, what that means is basically is you might use turpentine, which you put in a jug of some sort. If you use a bigger painting you might want a bigger jug. And then on top of that what I wind up doing is using linseed oil, one part to five parts turpentine. So for example, if I want to do a big painting, and I have this much turpentine, I use about this much linseed oil, mix it together and put it on the canvas before I even begin. And that's how you would prepare for an oil painting.