Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda, from, and in this segment, we're going to learn all about how plants reproduce. Now, plants are quite amazing, and they can reproduce in many, many ways, much more than we can as humans, so the first way that plants can reproduce, is by the bulb, or by the stem, so for example on Crocosmias, these are the beautiful flowers that they produce, and they bloom every summer, and they multiply in two or three different ways, so not only do they drop seeds, that grow into bulbs. The bulbs will actually multiply themselves, so just the mother bulb, over this course of the summer, will grow another baby, and you can just separate those out, or leave them together, either way, and they will produce more plants. Plants that multiply by bulbs, are basically cloning themselves, so there's not going to be any genetic variation ,from the parent to the babies, because these are just clones of the mother plant, so this is asexually, so plants are multiplying without any help from other plants. When bulbs reproduce sexually, they have different genetic variation, so if there is a different type of Crocosmia in the neighborhood, and let's say a hummingbird goes into that plant, and takes some of the pollen off of the male part, and then comes over to my yard, and puts it on to the female part, which is in the middle, right here. That is the stylus. Then, the plant will actually make a C- pod, that has the DNA from two different plants, and then that plant, the seeds will grow into a bulb, and then again, I'll have another plant sexually, so plants can reproduce in many different ways. They can clone themselves, or they can produce sexually, and have some genetic variation, and either way, they're going to multiply, and make more and more babies, and even plants that don't flower, reproduce. For example, pine trees make pine cones, and the pine cones will drop, and make little seeds, and they'll grow into new trees. Plants like a Curly Willow, doesn't have any blooms, and it will actually, doesn't make pine cones, but every branch that breaks off, you can just put the branch right into the ground, and it will start growing roots, from any part of the branch. It's amazing, so plants can reproduce in almost any way possible. This pineapple lily will reproduce by the bulb, but the actual blooms too, once they're finished, will make seed pods, so the seeds themselves, can be planted again, to make babies too, so there's many, many ways, that plants can reproduce.