Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Aimee Beger, veterinarian and today we're going to be talking about ear hematomas in your dog. We typically see ear hematomas in dogs that have the droopy or floppy ears. Not so much the erect or upright ears like Mishka's here. Dogs typically get ear hematomas from shaking their head repeatedly, and the shaking typically comes from ear infections, either bacterial infection or a yeast infection or a foreign body or even mites in your dogs ears. What you'll typically notice at home is the ear flap, also called the pinna, which is this part right here, gets very very swollen and very firm, and it feels like there's fluid in the ear. And and ear hematoma is nothing more than a very large red blister under the skin of your dog's ear. And there are surgical ways to correct your dog's ear hematoma. You would definitely want to see a veterinary doctor for that of course. This is the actual device. This goes on the flap of the ear. And then there are little buttons that you put through this flap and through the dog's ear, and this stays in place for three weeks and after that it's removed and healing time usually takes about three weeks after surgery.