Video transcription

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I'm going to talk with you about how write an appeal for financial aid reinstatement. Chances are if you have financial aid, you are probably basically going to college because you have the money from that aid to go and without it, you won't be able to go to college. So if you have messed up your financial aid, assess why this happened as painful as this may be. Write it down and use the facts both emotional and physical to structure your appeal around like for example if you were sick and this is why your grades suffered. You're going to have to document that. And in your appeal, if this is a sick, if you had a broken leg or if you had a debilitating disease for a few months that was real, you can get your doctor's note and approval to put along with the appeal so that it'll give it more validity. So next, write the appeal in order to convince the person that you're reading to give you another chance. So you want to write it well. You want to write it without any typos, you want to try and make this the best letter that you've ever written if college is that important to you. And you really want to try to speak honestly and humbly about your weaknesses and your shortcomings and what happened, what do you think really happened when your grades suffered and fell below the requirement for your financial aid. And state that finally you have a plan for repairing your grade point and that you know that when you get back into school you will bring up your grades and you will uphold whatever grade point they want you to uphold in order to keep your aid. So implement a plan, assess your weaknesses and implement a plan and good luck.