Video transcription

Hello, my name is Rosario Nene Ortega. I'm a dance instructor at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. In this clip I'm going to talk about the Rumba steps. Rumba is a Latin dance. It comes from the Cuban Son, SON. So I'm going to show you the following, it's a four beat. I'm going to dance three. We're going to hold the first two, beats we're going to hold. One, two, side three. Together four. I'm going to do this again. Ready? O.k. So it's one, two, side three, four. And now we're going to go to the front. Step forward, side and together. Back, side, together. Forward, side, together. I'm going to do it on this angle and notice that I go back. And I put all my weight into that back. Step side, together. Forward, side, together. The Rumba steps, basic in the Latin ballroom. Nene Ortega in Hollywood, Florida.