Video transcription

Hello, I'm Sarah Norris with Total Childcare Center in Wilmington, N.C. today we're going to talk about lesson plans for childcare teachers. It is important that a teacher have a lesson plan everyday. She may do it on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, but she needs to have a plan everyday within her classroom. And she working with if she's working with another teacher they should work together on the plans so that they both agree and know what the plans are going to Intel for that particular day. It's also important that they try to follow those plans unless there's an interruption that they absolutely cannot help, they need to try to be pretty consistent in following their plans for the day. The plans should follow the curriculum that is set for the facility. It should address the educational needs, it should address the social needs, it should address physical needs. There need to be plans for outside activities as well as inside activities. In N.C. it's required that teachers do have this lesson plan posted so that other administration can view those plans as well as parents and know what is happening. Teachers need to get the materials that they need to go along with their lesson plans at appropriate times so that they do not leave their classroom and affect their staff child ratio so they need to know ahead of what they're doing in order to collect those materials. It would be good to try to provide a time in the daily schedule that a teacher can do this in each classroom. So plans are very important for teachers to have they need to try to collect materials, they need to follow the plans, they need to know why they have made the plans that they have while they're doing the particular activities. What is the purpose behind the teaching of this particular activity that they are doing. Lesson Plans for teacher's are important.