Video transcription

Hi there, I'm Sundae from Natural Sundae and if you're wondering what an Indian Head Massage is, I'm here to fill you in a little bit. Now the head is the crown of the body and it's actually the epicenter of every thought and action that takes place in our lives. But for this, but for some strange reason a lot of massage modalities don't really incorporate the head into a large part of the therapies. Usually just an after thought or the massages usually ended with the head massage. Well in India, head massage has been part of their culture for thousand of years and it's actually used with oils, with heavily scented herbal oils and this has accounted for the health and the long flowing hair of the Indian women. So head massage is got to be good for something, right? Well, we're learning to incorporate it more here into the United States and I'll give you a little bit of history. Well back in 1973, an Indian massage therapist and osteopath, went to London to learn physical therapy. Now in his studies in London he realized, he remembered it in his culture in India how big a part of the culture, how big of the part taking care of the head is and how important it is in India. Well he learned that in London the head wasn't really addressed at all. And he didn't really like that too much. So after his studies in about 1978, he went back to India and he found a way to incorporate all the wonderful things he learned in London about all the other parts of the body with what he believe and what his culture believe is important about the maintenance of the head and the upper area of our body. And what he came up with was something that's now referred to as Indian Head Massage or Champ massage. It's a funny word I know. But it means, Indian Head massage and what it incorporates is, opening up the chakras which are the energy levels, the energy centers of the head and there are three actually. There's the crown chakra, the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. Now not only a chakra work involve in an Indian Head Massage but also facial and ear massage as well as scalp massage. So this is a wonderful overall therapy for keeping the head and the cranium and the skull all nice, healthy and relax. Again, Indian Head Massage has been around for thousand of years and it's a wonderful way to keep the head, the body and the energy in the head balanced. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae.