Video transcription

In this segment we're going to show you how to diagnose whether there's a problem with the TV or the VCR. And the first thing to do is simply turn off the VCR and see if the TV signal is clear. If it is, then the TV is OK. Then go back to the VCR and turn it on. Put in a tape that you know is good, not something that you recorded because you don't know what's on it. Put in a good tape, hit play and see what you get on the screen. Make sure the TV is on channel 3 if you've set your VCR up to show the picture on channel 3, its usually channel 3 or channel 4 and see what you get. Also check to see if the counter is counting. If it's moving, then the VCR may have some problems in it that are keeping the tape from moving and you wont' be getting a picture if the counter is not moving. If you still have a snowy picture, you can also check the tracking and see if that brings the picture in. If it doesn't, then chances are you do have a problem with your VCR, it may just be dirty heads. You can try cleaning tape or have.