Video transcription

Hi this is Taylor and we are here talking about HP cartridges and today we are going to discuss how to fill an HP C9396a. It is also an HP 88 which we will now show how to refill. The HP 88 cartridges are all refilled in the same manner. It doesn't matter if they are extra larges, black or any other colors. To start refilling simply cut along the top line here on both sides, cutting just the sticker and the cap simply pops off. Once you remove the top you can see the pump, the nozzle, and then the fill area. To get into the fill area you need to remove the rubber ball in this area. Do not lose it you will need to use it later. Once you have removed the ball put it on the side. The next step in refilling the 88 is to inflate the inside bag. To do this just get a syringe without a needle, stick in the side and inject the area. The next step is to actually inject the cartridge with the ink. To fill the ink bladder only insert the needle just about an inch, do not press too hard or you can pop the bag. Slowly inject the ink filling the reservoir. It should take about 20 milliliters. Once you have filled the 88 with the ink, replace the rubber ball, press down firmly until you feel it click into place. The next thing you need to make sure that there is no air. If there is air simply insert the needle and draw out the air. You can push the pump to create the pressure necessary for printing.