Video transcription

Hi, this is Taylor. Today we're going to discuss how to remove your cartridges from your HP printer. Most HP printers, you can remove your cartridges in the same manor. With this model, simply lift up the lid and the cartridges will slide to the right hand side. Once the cartridges are fully to the right, all you need to do is push down and pull out. This way, you can remove both cartridges without doing any damage to the printer. After you've removed your cartridges, you can close the lid to avoid any damages to your printer and also avoid from dust getting in and clogging the gears. If you have other cartridges to replace immediately, you can leave the lid open and then simply place them in in the reverse order. With the new cartridge, simply place it slightly for...facing upwards, push in and then snap in. The black and the color go in in the same way. Just remember, black is always on the right. On the left, you always have your color cartridges.