Video transcription

Hi, this is Taylor, here talking about HP cartridges. Today we're going to discuss how to refill HP printer cartridges. HP's cartridges are all filled in similar fashions. They all contain a sticker, which you can remove quite simply, after which it reveals holes into the center of the cartridge. Inside, there are sponges which can be penetrated by the needle. Whether it be color or black, they can be done the same. With color, just know that you have three different chambers. To fill it up, simply inject the needle, and insert the ink slowly. Some of HP's other cartridges are a little bit more difficult. You need to push in, the top falls, after which you can inject a long needle down to the base and slowly inject your ink. With these older HP cartridges, they also contain a sponge, so have no worries inserting the needle all the way down to the bottom. Once you fill them up, probably give them a quick rinse underneath the tap with hot water onto the print head. Afterwards, clean them off thoroughly before reinsertion into the printer.