Video transcription

Hi this is Taylor. It is possible to refill HP cartridges and here is how. Most HP cartridges that contain the print head on the bottom are refilled in similar fashions. All of the standard ones have stickers on the top, if you peel back the sticker, there will be a hole giving you access to the inside of the cartridge. To fill up, simply inject the ink into the center of the cartridge, cover it back up, and the cartridge is full. Other of the older ones, you will need to pull out the stoppers. To remove the stoppers, you just simply get a sharp object and then pull out. You can also push them into the cartridge, and that has no mal-effects. Inside all of HP's print head cartridges, make sure is has a print head on the bottom, inside all of these, there is just a sponge, so when you inject with ink, stick it mostly all the way down to the bottom, and inject. So that way you do not get any air bubbles.