Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to kill grass. Now I have a lot of experience in killing grass. And I don't intend to kill it but there's lots of easy ways that you can kill grass. And before we talk about how to kill grass, let's talk about what grass needs to survive. And if you don't have any of those factors involved, then your grass will die. Well first of all, grass needs some sunlight, so they won't grow in deep, deep forest. They don't get enough light. So if you try to grow grass in deep forest it will probably die for you. Now grass needs lots of nutrition, so if you put grass right on top of clay or right on top of sand and you don't put any compost in between in it or any potting soil or nothing for it to grow onto, your grass will die right away. So you got to make sure that your grass has lots of good nutrition, good compost or potting soil underneath it. And probably the most - the easiest way to kill your grass is not to water it, because without water grass won't grow. So if you've got a lot of deep forested trees or a lot of deciduous trees in the spring and the fall and you don't water them or water the grass, it will die. But this time of year in the fall, the number one killer of grass in my yard is leaves. So you can see a couple of weeks ago, this area was lush and green. I've been raking up the leaves and I left a pile of leaves right here for about two to three days. Well apparently that is too long because immediately the grass has turned yellow and it's starting to die. And I'm convinced though it will come back, give it another couple of weeks and it will look lush again. A surefire way to kill your grass is to put leaf clippings, it will kill it immediately. Or you can stop watering it, or another easy way to kill grass is to make a bed on top of it, so newspapers are another great way to kill your grass. So just put a couple sheets of newspaper above the areas that you want to kill and you'll find that they'll die very quickly. You can always put a raised bed - just put some newspaper with some potting soil on top of that and make a bed over the grass, and you can kill it that way. So there's many ways that you can kill your grass, whether or not, giving it any light by just covering it up with some newspapers or a sheet or a tarp, or you can quit watering it, and that'll kill it right away, or another way to kill your grass is to make sure and not give it any nutrition, so if there's no compost or potting soil underneath it, it will die right away.